Services and Pricing

Rent a website plans


Rent fee


per month if billed annually


per month if billed per month


Rent fee


per month if billed annually


per month if billed per month

What does rent a website mean? What is included?

Rent means we take care of all technical and security aspects of your website. It is like renting an apartment. We repair if you have a pipe leak, the fridge does not work, or the door lock requires replacement. Also, we install all the new features on your website at no additional cost. You then enjoy using them. This includes:

Professional plan

14 days trial, no credit card required

Blazing fast hosting

Page editor

Technical maintenance

Security updates

Email support

All new features for free

Unlimited number of pages

Custom domain

Free SSL Certificate

SEO Features

Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)

Commerce plan

All the features from professional

Online shop

Secure Online Payments via Stripe

No hidden fees

Shop products editor

Orders tracking

Unlimited number of products

On-boarding consultation for the shop

Web Design Services

Web Design


We help with:

Initial website design of your DIY Website

Content strategy consultation

Migration of existing content

On-boarding consultation

Search engine optimization tips

How to setup email with Google consultation

How to register with Google Local Business consultation

Assessment of an existing website

To identify common problems that affect your site’s performance, user experience, accessibility, and create a detailed report.


per website (up to 15 pages)

Post marketing and content support

In case you need help with web design or content after the website is live.


per hour (or per page)

note, we can do a lot of stuff in one hour for you

You don't have to pay until you have your new website done and you are happy with it.