DIY Websites March Release

You can add buttons on web pages

You can now add buttons on the page and specify a button URL. The buttons can be placed anywhere on the page. You can customize the buttons' color, size, and shape.

Check the how to add button guide

You can add slider on web pages

We've added the Slider component to enrich the user's experience. Now you can take advantage of it and create different types of sliders. You can configure it to swap slides automatically. You control the text, image, and URLs per slide.

Check the how to add slider on a page

Check how it looks on the demo site

You can add tag slider on web pages

We've added the Tag Slider component to provide a dynamic page linking. The tag slider will display pages tagged with a specific tag. The tag slider is an excellent way to dynamically show slides of pages while saving real estate on the page.

Check how to add tag slider on a page

Check how it looks on the demo site

Other platform changes

  1. Shipping and billing address is mandatory for all the products on shop checkout. The address was not for digital purchases in the past.
  2. When editing a product, the price now displays 0.10 (always two decimal characters). It was showing 0.1 instead of 0.10 before.
  3. There was an issue with page titles on new pages showing text "Your title here..." instead of the actual title. This issue is fixed.

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