DIY Websites

Your website shouldn't collect dust, it should work for you!

Inspirit more customers to do business with you.

Get a website that follows your mission.

Your website should not be worthless

Do you think your website has to say what your customers need to know about your business?

Do you feel confused about how exactly a good website should look?

Do you trust the technology your website is created helps you to stand out?

Never worry about your website is not working good for your business.

Make an amazing first impression

Build trust with your customers

Increase your sells

How do you get it?

We know how frustrating it is to have a great-looking website that doesn't work. To have an excellent working website, you need something more than a good vision. When your customers open your website fast and see a clear message that shows they are in the right place, then your website's mission is done.

We are helping you to have a website that is:

Directed - website pointed to your client's needs, no random information for stuffing.

Modern and Fast - clear, not distracting design and your pages open blazing fast.

Easy to Update - update it anytime you need with easy to use editor, even from a smartphone.

Unlimited - the number of pages and products you can create is not limited and you are not paying more.

Search Engines Optimized - people find you easily using Google search.

Free technical supported and secure - always up to date and 24/7 online.

The quality you shall have

What you have to do?

Step 1.

Send us an email or call us to schedule a meeting

Meet with us, and together, we'll create a specific plan to accomplish your goals.

Step 2.

Get a Website in no time

We work together to create a high-quality website.

Step 3.

Get results

Succeed with a website that works for your business. 

Your guides in your online journey

Velin is your Software Architect

With over 15 years of experience in IT, he makes sure your website is healthy, secure, and always online.

Elena is your Web Designer, and Content Strategist

She makes sure your web design follows the latest marketing and branding trends.

Plans and Pricing


Web design (up to 5 pages)



€16 monthly fee


€144 annually fee (25% off)

for hosting, maintenance, secure updates, email support, features updates, unlimited

 number of pages.


Web design (up to 5 pages)



€20 monthly fee


€180 annually fee (25% off)

for online shop, hosting, maintenance, secure updates, email support, features updates, unlimited number of pages.

You don't have to pay until you have your new website done and you are happy with it. Start your first step to have a website everyone likes!

At DIY Websites, we know you are the kind of people who want to perform well online. The problem is you do not know what a high-quality website should contain, which makes you feel confused and uncertain. We believe creating a website doesn't have to be stressful. It has to be a pleasant journey. We understand that technology can be confusingThat's why we specialize in the three major areas of a website, i.e., latest technology, branding, and marketing. Here's how it works in four easy steps: we meet, create a plan, execute it, and you enjoy a website than actually works for your business. So get in touch today, so you can stop missing opportunities and start getting more customers online.

Your business gathers credibility and reaches more customers. You increase sales and enjoy your success.

Your digital presence should not be overlooked

How much not having a working website is costing you?

How many people are passing up your services or products?

How many customers are not staying long enough on your website to get your message?

A lack of clean design and good practices may already be costing you a great deal.

Its easy. Lets talk, plan, execute and enjoy

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